We were young, naive, and fun seeking
We would carve out images from the palm tree or plantain tree leaves, which might end up as a warrior or the face of a man

We would sit under the moonlight wishing we could pluck the stars and save it forever
We would point our torch to the skies just to see its reflection among the stars

We keep wondering why the sun keeps chasing us and never stop when we travel
Or why the road seems wet and gets dry suddenly when we get to the spot we thought was wet

We keep trying to catch rain drops but never succeed
We often wish to elope to the cartoon world where all things are possible, even flying without wings

We create imaginary friends so they can serve as solace when everyone annoys us
We always try to run towards the setting sun to see if we could catch it

We try to do abrakadabra tricks on situations thinking we are the Wizard of Oz
We even try to be animals to see what the jungle feels like
We did more mind-blowing acts in bid for perfection…

Now we are adults, we understand that perfection is a quirk we must strive to attain
We can now laugh at the tricks childhood played on us, although we often wish we could have that naïve life back and start each day thinking we can save the world…

Ruth Brodrick


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By Ruth Brodrick. All rights reserved ©. This article should not be shared or used without the author’s permission.

Author: I- read

This is a free blog aimed at watering poetic minds and quenching the thirst of readers. My passion for words commemorates the desires to speak the truth, interplay with emotions and voice the fights in troubled souls. Welcome to i-read..


  1. As always miss Brodick, manages to capture truth with such vividness that it leaves us with a mental picture rich enough to taste and feel. One of my best poets, human beings and someone who makes you a better person just by being with her

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