Is our world still sane?

Innocent lives lost in Pakistani

I do not wish to curse about the bitter evil that is carelessly roaming through this world, it is indeed absurd. It marvels me how slowly our humanity is likened to nothing, and our emotions has suddenly soured. We wear veils that are transparent, yet we are blinded with hatred, rage, religious differences and social status’, and we do not see that we are eloping our future.

Recently I talked about the issue of racism, but that is not as gruesome as the blatant massacre of innocent lives in Peshawar, Pakistan. Why kill innocent children for whatever differences, why? Is it that the minds of these evil walkers are dark, that they do not pause and say, what if this was my child, or sister, or brother, or mother, or father, or what if this was me. I do not believe these men are brainwashed, I believe they have made evil their concubine and wickedness their lover. It is indeed wickedness, to watch 132 children die with no remorse in their hearts, is this the dark barbaric age?




Corpses of Innocent lives



Imagine the faces of the victims, those innocent people, my God, the children who would have been our future, all this gone because of what? No, I wept, are those men human beings like me or aliens? Do they have blood running through their veins or is it water? Is their emotions alive or is it dead in devil’s rage? My God, I am simply flummoxed that I don’t even know if we were all created on the 7th day of creation or some afterwards, if not so, then our sanity is now insane, we are insane.

Well, I do not wish to say let us pray for these men, I would rather say let the evil they bear catch up with them.  Oh! How I wish they will go through the pain they inflicted on this innocent lives, and die just how they killed these innocents. My heart is torn apart watching the  news, TV, newspapers, oh my! This leaves me with the question, is our world still sane?

Let us observe a moment of silence after reading this, and pray for the 145 lives lost in Peshawar, Pakistan on December 16th.

Author: I- read

This is a free blog aimed at watering poetic minds and quenching the thirst of readers. My passion for words commemorates the desires to speak the truth, interplay with emotions and voice the fights in troubled souls. Welcome to i-read..

20 thoughts on “Is our world still sane?”

  1. This world has lost its sanity a long time ago! This is sad….look at how cute those kids were! And that shoe…oh my! May their souls rest in heaven! And may the wrath of God visit those cannibalistic vultures that call them selves humans!

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  2. I believe we have lost our sanity as a whole quite a long time ago. There is absolutely no justification for the massacre of children, heck, for even the death of a single child. Thank you for posting this, this is indeed a sad time 😦

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  3. I tried to search for a blog about this very news article and could not find it. I seem to remember the blog was called Flowers and Breezes–maybe you saw it too. The lady who owns the blog said she lost three or more family members in this massacre. Can you imagine how sad that must be?

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  4. I followed your link from another post about the siege in Sydney and like you, I am shell shocked and I’m also asking questions.
    I appreciated reading your coverage of the event in Pakistan. I have read a little but the Lindt Siege has been such a big thing here and it might have ended last Tuesday, but it isn’t over yet. Flowers are still pouring into Martin Place and people are afraid.
    Australia has changed. We have well and truly lost our innocence and our head in the sand thinking that it couldn’t happen over here. We now know this guy wasn’t the only one, even if he was a so-called lone wolf.
    I am also thinking deeply about how we are to respond. What can we do to make a difference? What can we do to help bring out the goodness in humanity and also in ourselves?
    I have also been struggling with the whole concept of celebrating Christmas this year. How can we just brush off the horrific events of last week and be all happy happy joy joy? I thought you’d appreciate a series of posts I wrote on my blog largely about the siege in Sydney but by the end of last week we were looking at Sydney Pakistan and then a mother in Cairns, Australia has killed 8 children and 7 were her own, seemingly she had severe mental health troubles.
    my blog is

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    1. My God, it seems like hell has let loose some kinda demons that seem to be possessing some of us to become to numb that we commit the abbornimable with a strench. Going to check it out right away…


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