To hold me
To speak to me
To say to me
I’m beautiful without fault,
Even when my eyes sag with ugly
Always making my smile his priority
And oh, my happiness his duty
A man who loves me without self
Revolting the fears I nurture
Blinding the holes of doubt
Keeping the sapphire glowing daily

To take my hand
To walk with me
To say to me
The nicest words of praise
The day true love visited my house
I was too busy with blinded love
Now I’m searching in deepest waters
Over the cliffs and to the rainbows
The ones I hoped for are soon gone
It’s just me in the garden of life
With a basket that awaits true love

True love is nothing like just love
It wears the coat that chases cold
Loving deeply always, never away

By Ruth Brodrick

copyright 2015

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Author: I- read

This is a free blog aimed at watering poetic minds and quenching the thirst of readers. My passion for words commemorates the desires to speak the truth, interplay with emotions and voice the fights in troubled souls. Welcome to i-read..

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