He said, ‘will you marry me’?

I said, ‘of what benefit will that be to me’?

He said, ‘of worlds entwined forever, and love ridiculed by me. Know this day, my fairest Pat, that I am incapable of loving you and not worthy to behold the stunning glory of your morning beauty, or the smiles that flows through your face that outshines dark feelings. But one thing I’m capable of, is being that one that’ll be by your side in and out of season, holding your hand, loving you the best way I can, and teaching life a new song, because what grows in my heart for you, it’s like aurora, something I am scared of. Cast me away, yet I’ll wait aside, by the corner of the lost love, not giving up, but still loving you till you see me again and love me. And your benefit; is me being your servant and still your king, my fairest.’

I gave him a second look, and asked if he meant all he said

He said, you know I do, in a thousand worlds, and in thousand lifetimes, it’s only you, and only you

I looked at him, this time I could feel my heart falling apart, and my head swelling up, I gave him one last look, and took the gun out of my purse and shot him.

Don’t ask me why? Ask him why he’s so good with words that he believes he can always get away with things, maybe not in this life, in the next. He deserved to die, a man who marries women to kill them?

Till then, he’d burn in hell for the 37 innocent girls he’d deceived into his marriage called serial killing.


Agent Pat, you copy?

Copy, Yeah, one down, three to go…

Copyright 2015. Ruth Brodrick.

Author: I- read

This is a free blog aimed at watering poetic minds and quenching the thirst of readers. My passion for words commemorates the desires to speak the truth, interplay with emotions and voice the fights in troubled souls. Welcome to i-read..

5 thoughts on “SHORT STORY: PUBLIC JOURNAL 89”

  1. Wow. I wasn’t sure where this post was going, but I had a clue. i wasn’t sure if what I was thinking was correct until I got to the end. That this man was so good that he was able to get close enough to these women in some way – that he was able to put on a mask good enough that they didn’t feel the love/hate dilemma going on in his head. . . Because of my belief in cause and effect or if you are a Christian and take seriously the words, “you reap what you sow”, this man will be in the life condition of hell no matter how many lifetimes his soul lives. I know my next statement has the possibility of being taken wrong, but cause and effect works both ways. Effects that happen in your life are not random. Cause and effect doesn’t only work sometimes. Effects don’t pop out for no reason because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. No one would want to be one of these 37 women or any other woman who has been brutalized by “love”, but there was something within the life of the person who was dealt the “effect” of a cause such as this. I’m not saying that it these women deserved what happened. No one would want that for anyone, but somewhere in the course of the age of her soul there was a cause made, maybe too long ago to even realize that a cause was made and to have it to happen when it did. Sometimes it is easy to see the causes and effects in our life and sometimes it isn’t. The violence is perpetuated. It is a cycle. We have no way of seeing into anyone else’s life. What causes were made that twisted this man’s mind? What was done to him to destroy his humanity in this way? As a Buddhist I have learned to look beyond the immediate event that happened, knowing that it happened because somewhere a cause was made – by both of them. There is something called ‘the simultaneity of cause and effect” As soon as a cause is made the effect is already there, waiting for the trigger that brings it to fruition. There is no way for them to get off the roller coaster ride. If you escape the effect, it will just pop up somewhere else. This is why we can’t run from our problems, such as changing locations or changing men, etc. We take these problems with us wherever we go. Sometimes we are able to learn from our mistakes and it this case it took lives. My heart goes out to all of them

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      1. There is something to learn every day if we take the time to listen – and try to help others. Something I have written many many times – The only thing of value we can actually leave behind at the end of our lives is the affect we have had on others. Because I came so close to losing my life and I’m still here, actually trying to make a difference is very important to me. If someone can learn anything by what I write then this time I have left has value. The people I have “met” here in the blog world is something I really loved, because it so global. I will definitely be back. Friendships must be cultivated.

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