It takes a lot of courage to say goodbye you know,
ending a 24-years marriage abruptly, what’s more difficult?
especially when one partner is still in love! but has to let go
for me, it was a bondage I never saw until now
always ready to take the blame to let you win
waxing my soul cold so yours can blossom
taking the slaps and beats like i learnt some karate, psst!
I never imagined a world like this with you
I prayed for help to come, it never did
but what happened to the sweetness of your soul?
you used to call me darling like the word never sounded so good
always out for my happiness, my smiles, this is sad!
I know you still have some good left in you
was it because I cut my hair? Or because I started going to church?
oh!, because I couldn’t give us a baby boy? What was my wrong?
I’ve been sad ever since that night, the first fight
I knew a demon possessed you, the way you hit me,
the words you said, but it was only the beginning.

I do not wish you well, how could I, but I pray you find Christ soon
or hell will be throwing the hottest party for you.
Your mum called, she said she tried to talk to you
but you were nothing close to being remorseful
it is well with you, by the time you get this letter
I’d be gone, forever! You’re my biggest mistake.
Goodbye my husband, I see the angels waiting for me
the stab only brought me faster to happiness.
Remember always, Jesus loves you and you need his help…


©2016. Ruth Brodrick

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Author: I- read

This is a free blog aimed at watering poetic minds and quenching the thirst of readers. My passion for words commemorates the desires to speak the truth, interplay with emotions and voice the fights in troubled souls. Welcome to i-read..

16 thoughts on “WITHOUT HELP…”

  1. Hello Ruth, I don’t know you well yet, of course, just what I’ve read so far in your excellent blog. This one, I must confess, worries me. You told Laurie as I see above “it’s just fiction.” But it’s not really is it. Everything we write that comes from the heart, and soul, is not “just fiction.” It is an expression of who we are, and for that matter what we’re suffering, or celebrating in joy. I will tell you I’ve been on my own winding road in that respect for a long time. And even now, though I understand well, I think, what you mean in regards to what the future holds – in the sense of going home to God – but I also feel strongly that we must not give up on our being in this world when we still have much to give, and much to do in the world. And from what I can see just by what I’ve read so far I think that applies to you. In my experience there’s always a difficult period to get through after a personal tragedy that brings us down – to despair. And we struggle to flaw our way back up, with God’s help. In my case I often wonder, I will admit, if God is with me. But that’s my fault, not his. However, I do very much feel, “I have a friend in Jesus,” a fellow-sufferer, as it were. I will tell you, Ruth, I am going through such a struggle myself right now, and it’s been hard so far to keep my spirits up some days and feel at all hopeful. My blog, Finding Hope Ness, is part of the struggle to get through to the “other side” and start finding the spirit of joy in life again. But I will persevere. The best is quite possibly yet to come. Take heart Ruth. I’m quite sure in your case that’s very true, and I mean here, on God’s earth, here and now. Kindest regards, Phil.

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    1. Hi Phil, thanks for stopping by… I love your reply, it actually got me thinking if I’m being too rational about what I blog about. I really appreciate your concern, actually, my poems and prose are fictional, I get inspiration from things around me, sometimes events, friends, although mostly spontaneous, I really don’t write with anything in mind. This post is fictional, and my inspiration is from the issues women face in marriages here in Africa, its sad how they are maltreated and still remain in the home, only to get killed or damaged eventually. So its more like a tribute to women who have lost their lives to domestic violence, or are facing any form of domestic violence. I wish they can learn to love themselves and believe they can survive without the help of a man. I’m sorry if it was too provocative , I didn’t intend for it to be so, however, its a way of expressing what I think women should be aware of…
      Warm regards, Ruth.


      1. Thanks Ruth. I think, on second thought, it also shows how well you write fiction, and put yourself in the shoes, or should I say, the heart of the character you’re writing about. Phil

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      2. Yes, I always try to flow with my fiction, more like having the heart of the character like you said, that way I can express and write extensively about anything.
        I tried visiting your blog, but was unable as it keeps saying the site was deleted. What happened, if you don’t mind me asking?


      3. Nothing happened so far as I’m aware. I just went to it myself and it was there. Try again. Meanwhile, I’ll see if anyone else is having trouble getting it. Thanks for letting me know.

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    1. Okay Phil, I tried it again and it still takes me there. Send me a link to your blog, maybe its my route, maybe its because I’m clicking on your blogs name. Thanks


      1. Thanks Phil. Ah, it finally worked, I guess maybe it was a lil server issue. I understand, it was like that for me too initially, the technical part will come around soon. Happy Easter…


  2. That’s good, Ruth. Same to you. It’ was wonderful this morning to see so many “likes” from you especially for “Saving Hemingway’s life,” That means a lot to me. I am enjoying reading you too. Happy Easter Sunday. I’m taking my very elderly mother for an outing today, and a special lunch. Now there’s a story: what a life she’s had. Phil.


  3. Sometimes what you write can strike a chord, touch a sensitive nerve and then the irony is, we should take some pleasure, as writers, for having done our job, communicated, but we feel the opposite, like frauds or intruders. Domestic violence is a terrible thing, it happens all the time and for a thousand reasons. It appears someone has thought you were, as we say in Dublin, on an Egyptian holiday or, in other words, in denial. So well done for such an effective poem. You studied your subject well. I wrote a story like that, once and it caused no end of inquiries until I had to post a ‘fiction’ notice so people would stop asking me if I reported the family concerned. https://dermotthayes.com/2014/05/15/whos-at-the-door/

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    1. Finally!!! someone who speaks my poetic language. Hey Dermott, so nice to meet you. When all those comments came in, I thought I wrote the prose all wrong, and started wondering if I was too deep or extreme, then on a second thought, I realized that those the message was for, would definitely get the idea. I guess this is one of the problem writers face; being misunderstood, but nevertheless, the world still needs our voice. I’d check your post out soon, but it’s really good to have you here.

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      1. I can be a little blunt sometimes because I believe in telling it like it is. If you’re being oversensitive to other people’s feelings then you’re not being true to yourself as a writer. It is your expression, that’s what you’re writing. If you’re writing for someone else, you’re a hack.

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      2. Haha, of course. Writing is incomplete without truth, that’s what makes it worth it, that’s what creates the affectation on lives and clears our conscience. I like you. Well said!!! I guess I’d stuff my sensitivity somewhere in a closet, haha…


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