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Sooner than the summer
just two oldies away
I’d be a bird, free and blue
soaring in new champagne looks
dancing to tunes of redeeming rhymes
becoming a flip away from destiny
with an anchored grasp on faith
my ambition remains my loyalty
soaking my dreams in all of its moist
bubbling to ease the wrinkles that age
the sun: my greatest alibi
the moon: the challenge I face
the twinkled shapes bid me uprise
to vain the ache of fate
and mount the pride of self
till then, one breath is all it takes…

©2016. Ruth Brodrick

Author: I- read

This is a free blog aimed at watering poetic minds and quenching the thirst of readers. My passion for words commemorates the desires to speak the truth, interplay with emotions and voice the fights in troubled souls. Welcome to i-read..

22 thoughts on “MIND IN WORDS”

      1. The weather is fine, same here with less blogging. It’s so difficult being a 💯 blogger when we have something else that takes our time, but I’m still trying and you should to.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The same feelings reflect here..
        i am kind of really filled up & blogging has taken a sideways turn ..
        But wan to resume ..
        & can we try something different n unique ?? I mean as a blog or something like that ..
        Are you on twitter ??

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much Noora. 😊Words like this always keeps one going. I do love yours too, although I haven’t been a faithful blogger recently, matching school and blogging is sort of hard for me.


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