Let me tell you a tale
of an old satin heart
that was patched on an olive tree
ragged and wretched
with fibers of bickering lines
cleaved to a bud on a branch
if it ever had a soul
it will be a miserable one
wandering in a lonely Eden
laying thorns of twisted vines
Yet in all it’s gory
a peasant girl found it
alleviated it’s misery
fixed the stretched squares
washed the jagged dirt
turned it into an art of lost emotions
and a fine testimony of lost but found
“It’s never too late to start again”…


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All she wanted was a heart
Someone to call home
A world she could love
Sacred memories to protect
And arms to lay on

He brought her all she wanted
Even royal velvety happiness
And then it went foggy
Moistened by the spoils that men hide
Leaving her in more shades of want….




We want to live in…

A world where
love is supreme and
hate is a big disgust

A world where family
is not blood bound but
world bound

A world where race is
only but a colour, and
not a factor

A world where presidents
are selfless and point on
making countries rise

A world where corruption is
only a mirage and not an entity

A world where our legacy is
bent on loving, caring, sharing,
appreciating the ones who have no
other family than you and me

A world where one love is the
only word we speak, and the
only music we dance to

Let’s stop the fights, the killings,
the hate, the racism, we only
mock our existence and embrace
our extinction.

©2016. Ruth Brodrick