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Judge not!
The good book says
Yet we are so quick to crucify
Why do we bury our noses in distances?
Looking for a “good” day to hunt
Stretching the fibers of life
Hurting those who wallow in pain
Building little niches of gossip
Forming circles of unrepentant souls

If we decided to go against the normal
Do what we feel is the best for us
And in no way does it hurt anyone
How does it concern their batting lips?
But no, it seems our business is theirs
Or is it that our worlds are sisters?
More that often, our lives may look spongy
But it’s a lot better than the rags they call life
So to help their chaos, hurting others is their gain

Refuse to be affected by their talks
Or meddle with their fallacious stings
Be affected by your happiness
That way, we careless and be more of us

Ruthspoetry 2017