Kiss me till I’m breathless
Till my knees can’t stand no more
Let my world be swallowed by you
For the way you love me is new
Something I have never felt before.
I stand at the mercy of your touch
As my soul reaches the sky for you
Searching for the eyes that love me so well
And the soul that I am entwined to

I belong here, in this zone with you
Stay here with me my love
And let us build a world that will not fall
For our love is greater than the myths
Stronger than the angry waves
Let me bathe you with my love
For my world would be insane without you
My declaration remains unfiltered
As they are soulful words I speak
Let today bear me witness
For my love for you, is forever faithful

©2016. Ruth Brodrick



The journey stayed on
with battles we won
riding like kings through the pain
chanting songs of recovery
the seconds became our days
and the price remained happiness
we sailed in ships of faith
from the first to the twelfth
now we see the horizon
it’s the dawn of a new story
a story so good and believing
to leave us continually elated
the sun will not burnt the new page
it rather would light it to spark
and that spark remains the new definition…




Still on the quote challenge, my nominees for today are:




To see the rules of this challenge, please visit my previous post.▪%EF%B8%8F-day-1-patience/ Thank you…




Away from my frothy past
My smile finally tells the story
The story of how I found freedom
Freedom to touch lives and heal
Heal the pain that wrecked me
Make happy lives that were bound
But that same pain saved me
It brought me redemption in happiness…



The way I love you
It’s in no way familiar
My heart has been stolen
Dressed with the best perfumes
And kept in a chest of your words

It’s a beautiful pleasure in here
My love for you surpasses strength
It’s fierce yet as calm as the waters
Even if you do not want me anymore
I would wait till you love me again

Like a nail driven far deep into the wall
I have driven myself into you, fixing my heart
I wish for you to see this, but also not to
The fear that you will think of me as weak
It’s actually why I keep dying in this box

I am actually weak; your smell, your touch
I am enslaved to a man who is strong-willed
Fighting away the cups that bear him wine
Helplessly denying the need to turn off lights
Still I love him for the poison he feeds me

The way I love you
Is that kind of way that tells a story
A story that will run on the lips of men
The story of how you tamed my prudence
And cultured my thoughts to wanting more

By Ruth Brodrick
All Rights Reserved ©

A Hope For The Year (Versatile Blogger Award)

image So my year isn’t going as bad as I thought after I was nominated by Moses for the versatile blogger award. I’m actually having a super busy start-up for the year and I am trying to catch up with blogging but I think I will be inconsistent because of my rigorous academic pursuit; finding the time to get in the writing mood is difficult.

I actually don’t think I am much of a versatile blogger but I accept this award in good faith and I challenge myself to be more versatile this year. Once again, I thank Moses for believing in what I do… You can visit Moses aka “Fiction Limbo” here

🔶So the rules for this award include:

⚫️Show the award on your blog.

⚫️Thank the person who nominated you.

⚫️Share 7 facts about yourself.

⚫️Nominate 15 blogs.

⚫️Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know.

🔶 7 Facts about me

⚫️ I am a medical student; aspiring to become a dental surgeon

⚫️ I’m a lover of good music

⚫️ I exhibit some form of feminism as I believe in upholding the rights of women

⚫️ I am quite a reserved young lady with a lot of lovable qualities

⚫️ I do not like insects; creeping, crawling, flying, just name it

⚫️ I love life and it’s entirety and all things beautiful

⚫️ I’m the cutest nerd you can ever think of 😉

🔶 My nominees for the award
















Congratulations to these versatile bloggers and to myself 😃 and thanks to Moses once again…

Another Blog Award – ”PREMIO DARDOS AWARD”

Indeed this year has had tremendous impact in my life, one of which is blogging. I finally found a room to share my musings and poems with the world, so far, it has been an amazing journey. I am humbled with the love and support I get from bloggers, it sweetens my heart to know you care, thank you very much.


I want to thank Lisa – who nominated me for the premio dardos award. she is an amazing woman, and go check out her blog, you will fall in love with her versatility…



I have to nominate 15 blogs for this award also. Hmmm, this will be hard for me, because I have a lot of blogs I have fallen in love with their writings, anyway, her we go;

1. Kaygy –

2. Nimmi –

3. Phoebe –

4. Roweee –

5. Saya –

6. Rose –

7. Joy –

8. Mayank –

9. John –

10. Sam –

11. Anton –

12. Peter –

13.Sweety –

14. E.O.H –

15. Elizabeth –

Congratulations to the nominees, keep up the literary and creative writing spirit.

Love, Ruth…


<a href="Tight Corner” title=”dailyprompt”>Man-begging-woman

He is caked in her love
Staring at her boils his ego to vain
Stuttering the edges of guided notions
With tenacity he holds on to her virtues
Admiring the sway of her waist as she moves
Daring the man who controls his head

He has become a fool for her
Doubling the reason, he stays in patience
Tracking his sweet dreams to her smell
He lays lost in awe of her resentment
Flattering the desires he will hurdle against
Drifting to waste in the bellies of none

He is enslaved to the taste of her skin
To give the last drop of his soul
Just to see the sun rise from her cheeks
And the waves of her smiles hunts his trunk
Earning a plethora of countless yearnings
Only to dive in a pool of wasted years

He does all for the love of this woman
To fervently look on the shine of her eyes
But he knows he is invincible to her
He is not her type, yet he loves the tight corner
A priceless jewel needs no ordinary man to love
Yet he loves, and fantasizes her to his death

By Ruth Brodrick. All rights reserved© , this poem should not be used or shared without the author’s permission



My Christmas was in a bottle

Red wine with Turkey

Let’s gossip Christmas

Bathed in reassuring tones

Ossified to grow in fame

Love and joy abounds

Leaning towards a new horizon

Farfetched stories under the moon

Doubt the red on the green tree

The sounds of forks fighting meat

And pans bearing cakes and pie

Rocking the beats of grandpa’s radio

Christmas was dressed in my bottle

I drank so I can merry with her

With my bottle in my hand

And my head in my bottle singing aloud

‘So long my dearest christmas
till we meet again’


A Sneak Peek


Well basically, now is the holiday season, and I’m enjoying the peace of staying away from medical books and school, until January, but still got my hands on some interesting novels like the colour purple by Alice Walker, it was recommended by a friend, just started reading it, am hoping to drink its water and thirst no more. I have other books by my side like  the all popular 50 Shades of grey by El James, I don’t know why I haven’t read this book until now, I guess the guilt of leaving my big medical books for this was at work. If anyone has read any of this books, I would like some reviews please, thank you…

By the way, this year, has been a hell of a year for me, as I did not pass my medical professional exams, and that was crazily depressing I tell you, and my price was that I had to repeat a class. I watched my folks move on to the next level, while I faced my predicament. Should I say I was happy for them, of course I was, but to be honest, I wished they could wear my shoes so they don’t feel I am not intelligent enough or I did not read hard like they did. I added a lot of weight in the process, as my cravings for junk increased, well, in the end, I took the exams again, and I passed finally. I wondered what I would have done if I did not pass, hmmm.

Now, I’m at home, dedicating my holidays to blogging and reading novels (any recommendation would be deeply appreciated by the way). As for the blogosphere, I explored its boundaries and met some very interesting people and I am most happy to have met them, but if I have to be honest, coping with blogging is crrraaaazzzzzyyyy. In less than 5mins, there are like 15 notifications of new posts from people I follow, and I have to view all and like, probably comment if I remember, because sometimes I get so carried away that I forget to like or comment while I reflect on the piece I just read, but I still try, this is what I signed up for, and what is worth doing, is worth doing well.

I love the spirit in the blogosphere, its loving, caring and supportive. People support me even I write well, and when I don’t, I like that too. And guess what, it’s so frustrating after I put up a new post, I keep refreshing my mails to check how many likes are up, comments, then bam! Maybe nothing at all, then I wish I did not posts that up, or it wasn’t just good enough, then slowly, the likes flow it, did I mention I like that part, haha! it’s the part I call surprise tour.

Oh, and another moment that gives me tachycardia is when I check my followers count and it is the same with the last time I checked, what? I always panic, life is harsh… Then I read some posts, and I go like damn!, how come I did not think of that, this stuff is good. I always get knocked off in times like that, but you know what, it always revives the spirit, by inspiring me to do something different from the usual.

My writings are usually not planned, like the daily prompt guys, I believe I am a vertical writer. The moment comes, and I begin to write. I usually write without having knowledge of where am going to, or what the theme would be, more or less the topic, I just write till the ink spills to the end, then I read up, and most of the times, I find it frustrating giving titles to my posts, it’s the most difficult part of my writing.

One big step or achievement I made this year, was the Brunel University Poetry Prize Competition, I took a bold step on that one. I have never submitted my poems for a major competition, so this was my first. Winners like Warshan Shire, and Liyou Lebsikal, both of which are incredibly awesome poets. I read their poems and I just go blank on my thoughts of being shortlisted, but I am hopeful, because I think from the support I get from y’all, says I am not as bad as I think I am. I was able to have a little chat with Violla Allo, she was shortlisted twice, another amazing poet and writer, I told her about my fears, and I will never forget her words;

” do not worry if you don’t get shortlisted. I have been writing for many years, and I firmly believe that, prize or shortlist or not, I will keep writing and believing in my work. I love poetry beyond measure. And I am happy to see you filled with the same love for words. Words are powerful allies and friends. I hope more people, all over this planet, will put down their weapons and pick up words and artistic endeavors. Art can heal the world. Art can heal Mother Africa. And it already does”

Beautiful and encouraging, isn’t it? In the end, the blogosphere boosted my confidence in my poetry, fiction and writings, so I thank the blogosphere deeply… So, I will stop here, so I don’t get so personal and say things I wish I never said.

It’s a beautiful Sunday, and I wish everyone a happy Sunday and happy holidays.


🙂 I just want to give a big thanks to Moses ( and Prakash ( for nominating me for this Award, it is indeed appreciated as I received double nominations. It is a beautiful feeling knowing that my blog is loved by people, and my posts do sweeten the minds of my reader. This is my first award, and i want to say thank you to all my readers and followers.


I will be nominating 15 other blogs, this will be very difficult for me, because I find all the blogs i follow interesting, however, I must narrow it down to 15, as stipulated by the rules. For those I will nominate, here are the rules for this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2. Display the award on your post.

3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

6. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post.

7. Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) on your blog, whether on your side bar, ABOUT page, or a special page for awards.


1. I’m a clean freak. I like everything to be arranged, clean; my friends say I have OCD, and oh! Don’t dare walk on my floor bare footed!

2. I am the 5th child in a family of 6. You need to meet us, we have the good, the bad, (no ugly), the bold, the beautiful, the stubborn and finally the prodigal.

3. The most embarrassing day of my life was the day my underskirt fell off my waist, then from under my skirt, while in church, because it was my mother’s, it was humiliating…

4. I love reading books, one of my best poetry collection is ”poems from black Africa”. That was really a poetry definition if you ask me.

5. I am not tall, not also short, but average height, about 5.55 feet. Don’t say that’s short, because I’m taller than kourtney Kardarshan, you see..

6. I am a football lover, a Manchester United fan, ”red devil for life”, and yeah, I do know how to play a little football too.

7. I love sleeping, I know this contradicts the life of a medical practitioner, but believe me, I balance it out right.



Congratulations to my nominees and a thank you again to those that nominated me…

Love That Never Dies

image 4

Bed full of roses made of my love’s wings
Warm hug filled with the waft of our scent
Lips made purely of words painted skin
Eyes with a pungent ray of obsession
Hands to grip the soul and lay it down
And ears to listen without complain

Love is not the spirit
It is the mind of our spirit
If you say you love me
Then love me unto death
For death cannot do us part
It only makes our love an immortal eye
For I remain in your heart like a jewel
Like the redness of your blood, I’m your color

While I live in health with you
May my heart be blind to compliments
And may my eyes be shut to another
For if I say I love you deeply as I claim
Then everyone is only but a fade in my lifeoldlove

You remain the picture on my wall
Even when time has turned us grey
For love is the man I live to behold
And the mind I kiss to smile again
If my love is broken
I’d fix it back to find you
For in you, I found it all
I found a love that never dies