The slice of hatred is bitter
From little fevers to aches
Diminishing the act of beauty
My last nightmare was hatred
Too ugly and spooky to behold
Tormenting goodness in every way
I scratched hard rocks to keep on
To hate, is to have a heart of stone
And a heart of stone, is a great effort

But love, is effortless, easy and relieving
It soothes the rough edged poles of pain
Finding ways to heal and rebuild smiles
Love over self: that’s how it works
Selflessness and sacrifice, and love is born
Love is for always, The reason we live…

Copyright © 2015. Ruth Bridrick
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Softly eating the weak pain
An absent-minded fury I bore
Patched letters of defenseless truth
The weary troubled look caught me

Anguish with no ideal character
The third seconds counts on me
Appraising the triumphant loss
Withdrawing the bears of tears

A dirty clean neglected emotion
O spirit of disturbing outbursts
Securing a talent for fraud makers
The gods seek pleasure in my tension

Hover around into deep wicked space
Pondering on a silly nursery rhyme
Theories of resolved torture calls me near
I became a masked woman in underworld

A good mind bears faint evil in pain
Arising painful sweet soured motions
Counting the minutes of my despair
The thoughts of my faded rigor hunts

Drenching in the droplets of my insanity
I wear a robe that dances with the pin of fear
Staring at the dashes that now weakens me
Self love; I absent mindlessly adorn

By Ruth Brodrick
All rights reserved ©