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To make a simple parquet
wishing for love and serenity
absolute power of speech
and an ivory of casted fury

savoring the tongues to slay
heaven knows the history
the thousandth truth is born
as the victimized hero fell

trampling on the odds of none
falling to the ghosted ambush
the only survivor remained his soul
with the score of good or evil

the thief is surrounded by his like
and the spirits that do not wish him well
chose the end while the present thrives
the last score never gives a warning…

©ruthspoetry 2017


Man: Why do you smile like that?
You should have a small smile
You know you do not have a nice dentition.

Lady: Okay sir…

Man: Why do you walk that way?
Learn to catwalk
I mean, even those with bad legs can right?

Lady: Okay love…

Man: Why didn’t you apply make up?
Your spots are too much
I like my women always on point

Lady: Okay baby…

Man: Why is your nose so big?
Don’t worry, when next we travel
We will definitely stop at Dr 90210

Lady: That will be nice…

Lady: He doesn’t love me, he thinks I’m ugly. Maybe I’m not his type, maybe I should leave this relationship….

Man: I love my lady, and I’m sure she understands how I feel, not like I’m trying to make her feel less of herself, I just want the best for her….

©ruthspoetry 2017



Good times
I heard they are memories that last forever
But no, this memory of you i wish to burn
Or destroy to a yesterday that never was
In rough edges and scalloped paths
My course has been lonely
Yet still constantly hacked by your face
I picked the wrong one, the one not to
Scoring my pain yet another goal
Loosing my self to swollen eyes
Not to mention the irrational outburst
Oh, how I would love to ruin the normal
Laying thorns on the earth you lay
You wounded the world I once believed in
And broke down the walls I laboured to raise
Today not tomorrow, I struggle
Hopefully it ends here, or there maybe
In eight sections, you left none amendable
Still, I will always remember
The pain, the love, the now
I will remember…

Ruth Brodrick 2016

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…that point where veins converge
a sudden panic with fleeting cries
emotions rumbling and rumbling
flushes of pain as the wounds deepen
flashes of regrets parading endlessly
making even deeper zones of hurt
scaling pictures that ought to be
stupidity is now an unconscious solace
winning the outburst that erupts…

In that moment
I realised, I had loved wrong
the unrecognisable sections of my heart
the lament of unfair encounters
the flames from lying words burnt
makes the whispers that was true
with just another broken heart
I bleed away…


Guess What My Obsessions Are?..



I have three strong obsessions;

One of them binds me strongly to him
it drags me to this world I can’t rule
and bites my ego to dust

The other mocks my girly pose
it draws me closer to being a shrew;
an insensitive parade of filters

Ah! The last one is a sister to vanity
it takes me to an ecstatic calling
and roots me down to a bed of regrets

…take a long breath and guess, what are my obsessions?

-Ruthspoetry 2016

Deepened Surface of Love

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Oh! to sit and tell the stories of nothing
place lines in appropriate verses
catch the sun in a painting of Po
risk my feet through the heat of coal
dance with the fireflies to rest
watch the seconds grow into minutes,
you will still remain my muse…

All my earthly yearns lay vague
as time stops when I stare at you
your eyes are the perfect definition of beauty
locking my days and nights to servanthood
the confessions of my mouth mocks my heart
…psst!!! If only my heart had a voice
then you would know my plight
and the transparency of true love
I have only one hope
that you will see the depth of the surface
and know the curve I drew you in.

Till our world ends
you have won the vanity of my lips
and the foolishness of my head
I will age with my love ever young
to heal the lies nature will tell on you…

Ruthspoetry 2016




Never so far,
not so close.
The bonds of peace growing,
blooming in even gravity
to slim the fatted ego
of sadness,
and crack the emotions that lay stern.

The frank acceptance
of Ole pages,
stays within checkmating the tiff.
Weakness lied,
it spoke the words that didn’t exist,
and coated the red scar that healed,
blinded by selfish anticipations
and a solitude of amplified gore.

The cloud never released a tear
to support the complains
wrapped in the vexed truth,
or to war the angered lovebirds
and tear apart the lasted pain.
Goodbye; the word that could not be spelt,
yet the soul denied the fuss
and bathed itself with music.
Of all the love given;
this remains the old story…

©2016. Ruth Brodrick


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She calls on faith
believing in words he muttered
accepting a crown in despair
locking away her freedom forever.
The lies she believed was black
staining the good soul
cursing her desires to grey
chattering walls with agony.
The peace she seeks is biased
her prayers eluded her purpose
revealing burnt darts of chaos
she loved for no glory
yet the price of love slapped her
aging her soul and body
keeping her as the idol
of a lost love tale

©2016. Ruth Brodrick


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Sparkles and shimmer
twinkle of old stars
true friendship is golden
no hurt, no pain

… but our world has lost transparency
friendship is bought and taught
the real meaning; lost in pretence
bitterness tells more tales
soaking cruelty into deep scars
paralysing the circle of connection
“backstabs” and “frontstabs”
tearing emotions into dirty little pieces
still in this little enigma of hatred
there are souls with true colours
shinning positivity and hope.

Through galloping and meandering paths
a true friend stitches the bitter linens
and makes sweet old sour hearts

©2016. Ruth Brodrick


We want to live in…

A world where
love is supreme and
hate is a big disgust

A world where family
is not blood bound but
world bound

A world where race is
only but a colour, and
not a factor

A world where presidents
are selfless and point on
making countries rise

A world where corruption is
only a mirage and not an entity

A world where our legacy is
bent on loving, caring, sharing,
appreciating the ones who have no
other family than you and me

A world where one love is the
only word we speak, and the
only music we dance to

Let’s stop the fights, the killings,
the hate, the racism, we only
mock our existence and embrace
our extinction.

©2016. Ruth Brodrick


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To love is to feel
But feeling is like air
It moves and gets lost
Hurts and grows cold

To love is to heal
But healing is supreme
Only clean hearts can achieve
So we’re left with open wounds

To love is to fear
But fear destroys the bond
The uncertainty brings mistrust
And soon the downfall of lovers

To love is to dance
Because dancing sparks the charm
And let little lovers grow
Truth is, love is the shoe we often ignore

Copyright© 2016. Ruth Brodrick



Kiss me till I’m breathless
Till my knees can’t stand no more
Let my world be swallowed by you
For the way you love me is new
Something I have never felt before.
I stand at the mercy of your touch
As my soul reaches the sky for you
Searching for the eyes that love me so well
And the soul that I am entwined to

I belong here, in this zone with you
Stay here with me my love
And let us build a world that will not fall
For our love is greater than the myths
Stronger than the angry waves
Let me bathe you with my love
For my world would be insane without you
My declaration remains unfiltered
As they are soulful words I speak
Let today bear me witness
For my love for you, is forever faithful

©2016. Ruth Brodrick

The redemption

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It’s the dawn of beastly
an era of flickering triumph
arising from an army within
redefining the broken edges
caressing the pain we hide
the fear of letting go ruins the dawn
letting darkness sneak through
tracing the faults to blame
see not the flames in terror
but the burnt bridge it yields
to be born is to be free
and to be free, is to be alive
the fight never ends, it goes on
the day you win, is the day you become alive.

Copyright© 2015. Ruth Brodrick



She stayed glued to him
for a thousand years,
yearning for his heart beat
or the helpless breath of awake,
yet he denied her loyalty
and spat on the love she offered,
mocking the tales of Ivory Cast;
the epitome of a fine skinned woman
with the prudence of half an angel.

He said to her, I know thee as beautiful
dauntless like a sapphire, you truly are,
with eyes sparkling tenderness
and lips tearing down denial
but to me, you are nothing.
Weak men see the plastered deceit
but I see the falsity of thy love
and I hear the voices that roam say,
do not look too deep,at a beautiful woman
for her eyes carry the tempt
that will murder you to insanity”.

If beauty was my choice dear Ivory,
you will be my queen for all thy life,
but nay, beauty is the wrinkle of the skin
and character, the beauty of the face.
See now my dear, that you are nothing?
Your beauty is nothing but dust…

©2015. Ruth Brodrick



Look beyond the season’s stars
My hand paints you in the sky
Searching for the pain you caused
Handing trophies to biased maiden

The day it rained, I danced naked
Letting the rain drops trace my skin
Quenching the fire you set in me
Teaching me the secret of perseverance

Not so far from where you stand
You crushed the trust when you walked
Letting go my hand, letting go my heart
Trampling on the reason we once loved

You attacked my emotions
Ambushed the little ego I once wore
Throbbing me in pain and tears of my mortality
It’s just a piece of me left, the piece I hid

Still, I’m here, dancing in the rain
And I’m still knocking at your door
But not for too long, it’s time to let go
Because your pride, gives me the ache I hate.

Copyright© 2015. Ruth Brodrick

Dedicated to women who had their hearts broken. It’s time to let go of the pain, you are better than him, than that relationship. You are fierce, and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love, but one, the right man. A man in God’s image, your missing rib. So, endure no more the pain, and move on to happiness and preparing your heart to love again, because this time, love will come, and it will be different, it will be the kind of love that stays forever, the kind you always wanted. Let it go…

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I do not have nominees for today, as I’m making it an open challenge for everyone who would love to try to reflect quotes that changed their lives…


“we cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love…”  -Mother Theresa


In simple words
In little gifts
In warm hugs
In little stories
In sweet kisses
In tightened grip

These little things tells love
It ignites the spark that glows
The story of love isn’t long
It’s short, so it’s always remembered
On faces of children who had nothing
On the ride of teenagers with broken lives
Love in little things, makes the big things…

copyright© 2015. Ruth Brodrick



The slice of hatred is bitter
From little fevers to aches
Diminishing the act of beauty
My last nightmare was hatred
Too ugly and spooky to behold
Tormenting goodness in every way
I scratched hard rocks to keep on
To hate, is to have a heart of stone
And a heart of stone, is a great effort

But love, is effortless, easy and relieving
It soothes the rough edged poles of pain
Finding ways to heal and rebuild smiles
Love over self: that’s how it works
Selflessness and sacrifice, and love is born
Love is for always, The reason we live…

Copyright © 2015. Ruth Bridrick
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He said he’d do anything for me
Rape the sun and burn the rain
Turn the icy river into little fish ponds
Make me a dress of real sapphire
Build me a house made of straw
Become my little fairy love bird…

Oh no; The lies he told me
He already told hundred others
Even my sister, says be careful
So I lied too, without blinking
Told him it was only him I loved
But they’re a dozen more I know

By Ruth Brodrick
All rights reserved©


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It hurts
Too deep to tell
Ransacking the heart
Tearing down curtains
Killing me totally
You used to love me
But not anymore, you say
I used to love you
And I still do, I say
If this pain be my death
Then I’ll resurrect in you
Leaving behind for you
The pain of the love I suffer

  • By Ruth Brodrick
    All Rights Reserved©



It was a cold night, she sat on the porch they always stayed, to stare as the stars grow in clear sky, waiting for him to come and visit like he always did.

It’s 25 years today Mary, Steven said as he moved over from the bench on the porch to sit on the step beside her, close enough to smell the burnt oregano smell of her hair.

You look good Mary, he said as he touched the skin of her face to push back a strand of her hair covering her eyes. ‘ I miss you, do you miss me’?

She turned to stare at him, words fail her as she met his blue eyes, they always seem to glow at night, radiating nothing but love and affection for her. It still surprises her how he managed to maintain his youthful figure.

Oh, Steven, my hands no longer have support, my waist hurts from always working in the garden alone, you know how hectic it can be down there, the weeds, the rose and oh the Dimorphotheca Sinuata, they grew out well…

Do you miss me? Steven asked again, this time with his brows raised so high

You know I do, Mary said, it’s so cold without you, the world is lonely, and me, I’m always sick without your love. I don’t just miss you, I miss all of you

Here take my hand, he stretched forth his hands towards her, she grabbed it and squeezed it while letting out a sigh of relief

You always have it Mary, I’m always with you, our worlds never moved apart, it’s just that somethings have to happen the way they do. People fall out of love, money, fame, but I’d never fall out of love with you, no matter the distance, never, never, never, never….

She looked up, I’d never too, she said and bent over to kiss him.

Ssshhhh, sssshh, Ssshhhh

The recording has stopped playing Ma, Come in for dinner, Angela called out from the kitchen

Mary got up and turned off the Radio,took out the tape and slid it into her pocket.

She’s kept the tape for 25 years, it was her last conversation with him, and it’s still Steven to her.

She carried Steven’s uniform along with her from the porch as she made her way into the house.

You okay Ma, Angela asked with concern, and how is he?

Oh yeah, he is great and he sends his regards, Mary answered blankly as she sat at the dinner table wondering what Steven would have for dinner in heaven…

By Ruth Brodrick.©