What shade will be my Christmas?
white, red, or green?
maybe none, maybe one
the perfect christmas isn’t the colour
it jingles around love
for the story was a gift
opposing forces that fight faith

So my Christmas’ shade will be love
sweet young heartwarming love
dressed in apparel so beautiful
to heal the broken sapphire
making hearts grow in ageless stories…

ruthspoetry 2016

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My Christmas was in a bottle

Red wine with Turkey

Let’s gossip Christmas

Bathed in reassuring tones

Ossified to grow in fame

Love and joy abounds

Leaning towards a new horizon

Farfetched stories under the moon

Doubt the red on the green tree

The sounds of forks fighting meat

And pans bearing cakes and pie

Rocking the beats of grandpa’s radio

Christmas was dressed in my bottle

I drank so I can merry with her

With my bottle in my hand

And my head in my bottle singing aloud

‘So long my dearest christmas
till we meet again’