Man: Why do you smile like that?
You should have a small smile
You know you do not have a nice dentition.

Lady: Okay sir…

Man: Why do you walk that way?
Learn to catwalk
I mean, even those with bad legs can right?

Lady: Okay love…

Man: Why didn’t you apply make up?
Your spots are too much
I like my women always on point

Lady: Okay baby…

Man: Why is your nose so big?
Don’t worry, when next we travel
We will definitely stop at Dr 90210

Lady: That will be nice…

Lady: He doesn’t love me, he thinks I’m ugly. Maybe I’m not his type, maybe I should leave this relationship….

Man: I love my lady, and I’m sure she understands how I feel, not like I’m trying to make her feel less of herself, I just want the best for her….

©ruthspoetry 2017



Good times
I heard they are memories that last forever
But no, this memory of you i wish to burn
Or destroy to a yesterday that never was
In rough edges and scalloped paths
My course has been lonely
Yet still constantly hacked by your face
I picked the wrong one, the one not to
Scoring my pain yet another goal
Loosing my self to swollen eyes
Not to mention the irrational outburst
Oh, how I would love to ruin the normal
Laying thorns on the earth you lay
You wounded the world I once believed in
And broke down the walls I laboured to raise
Today not tomorrow, I struggle
Hopefully it ends here, or there maybe
In eight sections, you left none amendable
Still, I will always remember
The pain, the love, the now
I will remember…

Ruth Brodrick 2016

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It takes a lot of courage to say goodbye you know,
ending a 24-years marriage abruptly, what’s more difficult?
especially when one partner is still in love! but has to let go
for me, it was a bondage I never saw until now
always ready to take the blame to let you win
waxing my soul cold so yours can blossom
taking the slaps and beats like i learnt some karate, psst!
I never imagined a world like this with you
I prayed for help to come, it never did
but what happened to the sweetness of your soul?
you used to call me darling like the word never sounded so good
always out for my happiness, my smiles, this is sad!
I know you still have some good left in you
was it because I cut my hair? Or because I started going to church?
oh!, because I couldn’t give us a baby boy? What was my wrong?
I’ve been sad ever since that night, the first fight
I knew a demon possessed you, the way you hit me,
the words you said, but it was only the beginning.

I do not wish you well, how could I, but I pray you find Christ soon
or hell will be throwing the hottest party for you.
Your mum called, she said she tried to talk to you
but you were nothing close to being remorseful
it is well with you, by the time you get this letter
I’d be gone, forever! You’re my biggest mistake.
Goodbye my husband, I see the angels waiting for me
the stab only brought me faster to happiness.
Remember always, Jesus loves you and you need his help…


©2016. Ruth Brodrick

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A breathless breath
with a motioned gait
the wall of courage is trapped
and the echoes of love vain
from this point on
my plight will become hush.
Trapped in my head
are words I wish to vomit
and nay the tints I hide
my heaven is no more
as my life feels faded
with ashes of burnt guilt
and a sepulcher of wants
I fear my present route
it’s the agony of what I believe
I’m fixing patches to find me
but I’m too gone to be me again
i’d just be a section of a changed mind..

©2016. Ruth Brodrick



Look beyond the season’s stars
My hand paints you in the sky
Searching for the pain you caused
Handing trophies to biased maiden

The day it rained, I danced naked
Letting the rain drops trace my skin
Quenching the fire you set in me
Teaching me the secret of perseverance

Not so far from where you stand
You crushed the trust when you walked
Letting go my hand, letting go my heart
Trampling on the reason we once loved

You attacked my emotions
Ambushed the little ego I once wore
Throbbing me in pain and tears of my mortality
It’s just a piece of me left, the piece I hid

Still, I’m here, dancing in the rain
And I’m still knocking at your door
But not for too long, it’s time to let go
Because your pride, gives me the ache I hate.

Copyright© 2015. Ruth Brodrick

Dedicated to women who had their hearts broken. It’s time to let go of the pain, you are better than him, than that relationship. You are fierce, and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love, but one, the right man. A man in God’s image, your missing rib. So, endure no more the pain, and move on to happiness and preparing your heart to love again, because this time, love will come, and it will be different, it will be the kind of love that stays forever, the kind you always wanted. Let it go…

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You close your mouth when he speaks rudely because you are afraid,
now you have become an empty jar with a broken handle.

You let your oil dry and did not replace it because he did not like it,
now you have become as dry as the plantain tree during harmattan.

You kneel before him when he is upset because you want to be submissive,
now your back have arched, that he compares it to the camels of the wanderers.

You wipe his shoes with your only wrapper because you do not want him to call you lazy,
now you are half naked and he does not even bother if you be Eve.

You choose to give him seeds of 12, so his mother will not call you barren,
now your stomach is a bag of fat and he no longer finds pleasure in you.

You have now become so pale and grey, that even your daughter now asks
what happened to you?…

Copyright©2015. Ruth Brodrick.


This post is dedicated to those who have been hurt by someone they trusted, and yet that someone thinks they are being thought of, NOT YOU I SAY.

How does
the rain fall?
Why is the
sky so high?
Why are you
different from me?

Don’t take
this personal
But I’d rather
think of nothing
Than think of you,
not you…

Copyright 2015, RUTH BRODRICK


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It hurts
Too deep to tell
Ransacking the heart
Tearing down curtains
Killing me totally
You used to love me
But not anymore, you say
I used to love you
And I still do, I say
If this pain be my death
Then I’ll resurrect in you
Leaving behind for you
The pain of the love I suffer

  • By Ruth Brodrick
    All Rights Reserved©


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Softly eating the weak pain
An absent-minded fury I bore
Patched letters of defenseless truth
The weary troubled look caught me

Anguish with no ideal character
The third seconds counts on me
Appraising the triumphant loss
Withdrawing the bears of tears

A dirty clean neglected emotion
O spirit of disturbing outbursts
Securing a talent for fraud makers
The gods seek pleasure in my tension

Hover around into deep wicked space
Pondering on a silly nursery rhyme
Theories of resolved torture calls me near
I became a masked woman in underworld

A good mind bears faint evil in pain
Arising painful sweet soured motions
Counting the minutes of my despair
The thoughts of my faded rigor hunts

Drenching in the droplets of my insanity
I wear a robe that dances with the pin of fear
Staring at the dashes that now weakens me
Self love; I absent mindlessly adorn

By Ruth Brodrick
All rights reserved ©


tinted is not black

You lied
told me grey had red in it
that the sun burnt you
that is why you are black

now I sit
counting my injured soul
galloping around the weary fury
with waves of grooved regrets
plastered with torment; my anchor
burn to dust, my lips fail in falsity

my eyes are pale, and have fallen shut
my grip is weakened and lays feeble
my identity; the thief stole her while you lied
suffer I the pain to mock my fate
the end will grow to tell the past
and reveal the tint you wear to hide
you dressed your intentions white
but they are black like songs to mourn

By Ruth Brodrick. All rights reserved ©, this poem should not be shared or used without the author’s permisssion..