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To make a simple parquet
wishing for love and serenity
absolute power of speech
and an ivory of casted fury

savoring the tongues to slay
heaven knows the history
the thousandth truth is born
as the victimized hero fell

trampling on the odds of none
falling to the ghosted ambush
the only survivor remained his soul
with the score of good or evil

the thief is surrounded by his like
and the spirits that do not wish him well
chose the end while the present thrives
the last score never gives a warning…

©ruthspoetry 2017


O reckless brother!
Seems its more magical to be
drooling in fairness of lies
than in several shades more modest

The tiny hands have grown
rooting for desires it cannot fathom
the greed you hate is your soul
it has eaten you up to blindness
only fishing groans of debt
you look at me, you see light
you look at you, what do you see?

Declaration of faint confusion
the world is bigger than you thought
the itching fever left you grey
turning you into a sack-less muse
mother would cry, for not the fat belly
but the trouble you have grown to be
do not clash your dying note
you’re too old to elope grief.

©2016. Ruth Brodrick.


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Softly eating the weak pain
An absent-minded fury I bore
Patched letters of defenseless truth
The weary troubled look caught me

Anguish with no ideal character
The third seconds counts on me
Appraising the triumphant loss
Withdrawing the bears of tears

A dirty clean neglected emotion
O spirit of disturbing outbursts
Securing a talent for fraud makers
The gods seek pleasure in my tension

Hover around into deep wicked space
Pondering on a silly nursery rhyme
Theories of resolved torture calls me near
I became a masked woman in underworld

A good mind bears faint evil in pain
Arising painful sweet soured motions
Counting the minutes of my despair
The thoughts of my faded rigor hunts

Drenching in the droplets of my insanity
I wear a robe that dances with the pin of fear
Staring at the dashes that now weakens me
Self love; I absent mindlessly adorn

By Ruth Brodrick
All rights reserved ©



Depth for the sky
Height for the grave
Buried within the deep
Dark filthy paths are revealed

Secrets betraying secrets
Echoes of laughter in a basilica
And dodging meekness wisely
Blurred sights filled with collage

Building a cat like spirit
Tricks and scandals came along
Flying with the broken pair
Hatred is pain in disguise

The aches of the beep is awakened
Damaging the pain of the smiler
Even with the grace of a giant
He still falls for the laps of a petite woman

Beat the moon’s drum
Conjure life to dance to a false rhythm
The spirit rules and betrays man to dust
Making life a proud fiction of waxing

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By Ruth Brodrick
All Rights Reserved ©



Look into my eyes
You would find a bright color
Contrasting that of the world
The world I am living in

My eyes sparkle curiously
Endlessly searching for an eclipse
It’s color erupts into pale shades
Hissing at the tragic views untold

Twinkle little stars
Wrinkle little minds
My lids are bound in anticipation
Anchored in disheveled brows

I see the original masterpiece
But nothing that looks like it is here
Only traces of man’s original fury
Blinded with the vain lust for perfection

Constantly blinking to filter the madness
Separating the thirst and pity from hope
The color I see in this world
Is nothing like the color I live in

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By Ruth Brodrick
All rights reserved©