Whipped, cursed
bruised, a king he
still was. This cup
he endured so we can
be free of sin, not
because he couldn’t
defeat it, but because
his life was our cleanser,
his blood our salvation.
He paid it all. A sacrifice
too big that angels
worshipped his
brave and loving heart.
Today, marks the celebration
of death in life, a death that
conquered death and sin….

“He made a sacrifice for you,
what are you sacrificing for him?”


By Ruth Brodrick
Copyright 2015


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Yesterday, I was a child with a home, today I am an orphan with no home.

My sister cries like a noisy housefly, because mama left us without saying goodbye.

Brother, now takes what is not his,
He said, “we have to survive no matter what”

Then the news came, brother is no more.

Pastor say, he’s off to hell to reap what he sowed
‘Him and your son too,’ I say to pastor, no one is righteous.

Brother was bad-good, he wanted us to eat.
Now my sister cries like a bush rat.

I’m off to the mainland looking for ‘maga’.
It’s just for one night, and I’m making mad money
Wearing designers and giving my sister food.

Now she cries no more, she’s happy and fat.

I’m thin and sick, my tummy hurts always
Doctor say I’ll be a mum soon, but I’m sick,

Dunno who is the father of the baby
So I call him bastard, he’s so ugly.

My sister is back with a degree and looking fine
She said she is now a doctor, but I don’t see how
She’s too small to treat a fat man
But she is good, but I’m getting sicker.

One day, she took my blood, she say is for test.
Then she came back crying, I asked why, she say my blood is bad
I asked how bad, she say very bad like brother’s blood,
I asked why? She said too many man blood in my blood.

I know I will die soon because I can’t move about again
But I’m happy, I made my sister somebody in the world.

I tell her, do not cry for me when I go
Because I sacrificed this blood to make you wear white coats
So for me, it was worth it…

By Ruth Brodrick
Copyright 2015