Man: Why do you smile like that?
You should have a small smile
You know you do not have a nice dentition.

Lady: Okay sir…

Man: Why do you walk that way?
Learn to catwalk
I mean, even those with bad legs can right?

Lady: Okay love…

Man: Why didn’t you apply make up?
Your spots are too much
I like my women always on point

Lady: Okay baby…

Man: Why is your nose so big?
Don’t worry, when next we travel
We will definitely stop at Dr 90210

Lady: That will be nice…

Lady: He doesn’t love me, he thinks I’m ugly. Maybe I’m not his type, maybe I should leave this relationship….

Man: I love my lady, and I’m sure she understands how I feel, not like I’m trying to make her feel less of herself, I just want the best for her….

©ruthspoetry 2017



I see it is a beautiful Saturday morning, the sky looks brighter today, the trees worship, the goats seems to be singing to God in their language, but I do not worship, I do not even believe in God, I used to, but not anymore. If there be God, why…

You’re talking to yourself again, Amadi says, as he comes out of his house with his eyes looking like he got punched in his sleep. He sure is an ugly young man, his eyebrows remind me of the weeds on the cocoa plantation Mrs Eve had before she passed away, his eyes are too big, they seem like they will pop out to catch you if you dare stare at them. Oh his nose, they resemble the broken handle of a weeding hoe, not to talk of his lips, you will lose your face if you ever kissed them, but he is all I have now, he is the only man in this village that accepts to talk to me, I appreciate it like that.

What can a woman like me do, I said, talking to myself makes things better, it makes me better, all I have is myself, so let me talk to myself

You can not go on like this, marry me let me take care of you. My people are very loving and they will take care of you, he said as he drinks his palmwine

As far as I was concerned, he was not talking to me, the only thing I hear is the wind blowing as it passes me by.

I hate this wind, it’s too cold. I need to get inside and cover up. Good morning Amadi, I said, as I went into the hut to continue my episode…

I went to the market later in the day, I needed to make banga soup, but I do not have money, I have to beg mama Emma to give me food stuffs on credit, I will pay her when I get the money, I will pay her for others too, she is a good woman, she will give me, after all she is the pastor’s wife, she might even ask me to forget about the debt.

I am at her store now, but can’t go in. He is in there, he has been there for 20 minutes now, I have been watching him, he is telling her something, she looks upset, she is waving her hands in the air and cursing, she is shouting now, why is she shouting? What is he telling her? I am watching, he comes out, stares at me, he looks the same to me, bright eyes, broad shoulder, small lips, he did not change much,

You are doing fine I see, he says

I do not have money, I am not happy, please give me back my children and some money to feed, I said as the tears roll down my cheeks, they are very hot

Do not starve yourself to death, you’ve lost so much weight, eat well, I have to go, take care of yourself, he said and walked away in his usual lazy man style.

I’m still standing here, I can’t find the strength to move, what was he doing here?

Do you want anything Adamma, Mama Emma calls out, you stand there like you have just seen a ghost, are we safe?

I let out a sigh, We are safe, I replied, I just needed to make banga soup, I do not have money, I know that I am owing you plenty money, but I still have not found a way to pay back, I was wondering if you can help me out, I promise to pay you once I have your money, but if it is not okay by you, I totally understand

It is okay my child, I will give you, and you can pay whenever you want to, I am a very patient person, it is not easy with you, and I understand, it will be fine Nne, always keep that in mind, she said, and began measuring the palm fruits, handed them over to me with some bonga fish

you don’t have to pay for the fish, it is a gift, cook sweet soup o

Ah, thank you ma, God will bless you, thank you ma, the words seem to fade out my mouth as tears flood down my cheeks again, I was never a beggar, but begging now is my profession

She comes over to console me, it is okay, put yourself together and go home to make food and eat, don’t do this in public, biko, go home, go home ada, get some rest

I could not get any rest, I stared at the stainless plates with garri and soup, no appetite to eat, I begin to cry; but God why, why? I have no husband, no children, nothing, I am alone, I am now a laughing-stock, people mock me, and you stay there in your big throne, you did not do anything, anything to stop his parents from taking everything from me, they took even my children, ewo, God why? I hate you, I hate you so much that if I see you, I would kill you, oh, Okafor was a good man, a good husband, why would I kill a good man, why would I poison him, I am finished. I cried till my tears dried, at least I have this hut, that is all I have left, I thank you for that.

©2016. Ruth Brodrick



He said, ‘will you marry me’?

I said, ‘of what benefit will that be to me’?

He said, ‘of worlds entwined forever, and love ridiculed by me. Know this day, my fairest Pat, that I am incapable of loving you and not worthy to behold the stunning glory of your morning beauty, or the smiles that flows through your face that outshines dark feelings. But one thing I’m capable of, is being that one that’ll be by your side in and out of season, holding your hand, loving you the best way I can, and teaching life a new song, because what grows in my heart for you, it’s like aurora, something I am scared of. Cast me away, yet I’ll wait aside, by the corner of the lost love, not giving up, but still loving you till you see me again and love me. And your benefit; is me being your servant and still your king, my fairest.’

I gave him a second look, and asked if he meant all he said

He said, you know I do, in a thousand worlds, and in thousand lifetimes, it’s only you, and only you

I looked at him, this time I could feel my heart falling apart, and my head swelling up, I gave him one last look, and took the gun out of my purse and shot him.

Don’t ask me why? Ask him why he’s so good with words that he believes he can always get away with things, maybe not in this life, in the next. He deserved to die, a man who marries women to kill them?

Till then, he’d burn in hell for the 37 innocent girls he’d deceived into his marriage called serial killing.


Agent Pat, you copy?

Copy, Yeah, one down, three to go…

Copyright 2015. Ruth Brodrick.



It was a cold night, she sat on the porch they always stayed, to stare as the stars grow in clear sky, waiting for him to come and visit like he always did.

It’s 25 years today Mary, Steven said as he moved over from the bench on the porch to sit on the step beside her, close enough to smell the burnt oregano smell of her hair.

You look good Mary, he said as he touched the skin of her face to push back a strand of her hair covering her eyes. ‘ I miss you, do you miss me’?

She turned to stare at him, words fail her as she met his blue eyes, they always seem to glow at night, radiating nothing but love and affection for her. It still surprises her how he managed to maintain his youthful figure.

Oh, Steven, my hands no longer have support, my waist hurts from always working in the garden alone, you know how hectic it can be down there, the weeds, the rose and oh the Dimorphotheca Sinuata, they grew out well…

Do you miss me? Steven asked again, this time with his brows raised so high

You know I do, Mary said, it’s so cold without you, the world is lonely, and me, I’m always sick without your love. I don’t just miss you, I miss all of you

Here take my hand, he stretched forth his hands towards her, she grabbed it and squeezed it while letting out a sigh of relief

You always have it Mary, I’m always with you, our worlds never moved apart, it’s just that somethings have to happen the way they do. People fall out of love, money, fame, but I’d never fall out of love with you, no matter the distance, never, never, never, never….

She looked up, I’d never too, she said and bent over to kiss him.

Ssshhhh, sssshh, Ssshhhh

The recording has stopped playing Ma, Come in for dinner, Angela called out from the kitchen

Mary got up and turned off the Radio,took out the tape and slid it into her pocket.

She’s kept the tape for 25 years, it was her last conversation with him, and it’s still Steven to her.

She carried Steven’s uniform along with her from the porch as she made her way into the house.

You okay Ma, Angela asked with concern, and how is he?

Oh yeah, he is great and he sends his regards, Mary answered blankly as she sat at the dinner table wondering what Steven would have for dinner in heaven…

By Ruth Brodrick.©


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Yesterday, I was a child with a home, today I am an orphan with no home.

My sister cries like a noisy housefly, because mama left us without saying goodbye.

Brother, now takes what is not his,
He said, “we have to survive no matter what”

Then the news came, brother is no more.

Pastor say, he’s off to hell to reap what he sowed
‘Him and your son too,’ I say to pastor, no one is righteous.

Brother was bad-good, he wanted us to eat.
Now my sister cries like a bush rat.

I’m off to the mainland looking for ‘maga’.
It’s just for one night, and I’m making mad money
Wearing designers and giving my sister food.

Now she cries no more, she’s happy and fat.

I’m thin and sick, my tummy hurts always
Doctor say I’ll be a mum soon, but I’m sick,

Dunno who is the father of the baby
So I call him bastard, he’s so ugly.

My sister is back with a degree and looking fine
She said she is now a doctor, but I don’t see how
She’s too small to treat a fat man
But she is good, but I’m getting sicker.

One day, she took my blood, she say is for test.
Then she came back crying, I asked why, she say my blood is bad
I asked how bad, she say very bad like brother’s blood,
I asked why? She said too many man blood in my blood.

I know I will die soon because I can’t move about again
But I’m happy, I made my sister somebody in the world.

I tell her, do not cry for me when I go
Because I sacrificed this blood to make you wear white coats
So for me, it was worth it…

By Ruth Brodrick
Copyright 2015



Once again, a group of writers from different parts of the globe join forces to create one linear adventure. The theme this time? Love. The photograph above serves as the inspirational theme for the 6th Flash Fiction Chain hosted by Jithin of ProTraBlogger. Give his beautiful site a visit and feast your eyes on the inspirational photos or read about his exciting adventures.

A comprehensive list of important characters in the story: (Main)

Anna Brighton- a 32 year old CEO that owns and runs a publishing company
Alex Burns – well established author, Anna’s ex,

Toby Blackwell’s cousin Melissa Doyle – the bride, Anna’s dear friend

Toby Blackwell – co-owns the Blackwell estate, Alexis’ cousin (Supporting characters)

Jenny- Anna’s secretary Adam – Owner of Adam and Eve’s Harrison – Melissa’s fiance.

Percy Tuppence – Owner of the ring shop I am entrusted to write Part 8 of the story…

To know what has happened already, check out the previous 7 parts below…

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Anna helped Percy up, and began to wonder what the hell just happened. She somehow felt that whoever stole that ring was obviously a wedding crasher and was almost certain it was the plan of the tall blondy they saw earlier on with Harrison, and she swore to kill the bitch if she ever lays her hand on her…

Toby are you okay? She said as she saw him running up to her with his blood stained shirt,

Yeah, I just died for a few seconds then the Cupid shot me and I woke up madly in love with you, he said as he gave her a wink

Who? Anna panicked

I’m kidding, Toby giggled, and she felt eased up, she couldn’t imagine if that had actually happened, she can’t deny now the spark in their friendship but she obviously would have blamed Mel for that prayer, now he was kidding, she can now allow fate to do the job

Oh cut it out, where’s the goddamn ring screamed Percy who was already agitated with the event,

Sorry folks, that chap runs faster than a Jaguar, that’s not the issue however, and don’t go blaming the unknown Anna, he said as he turned to her and noticed the fall of her ego, he liked it.

Okay I thought of something Anna breathed, I have my grandmother’s ring with me, I always carry it about, it’s sort of like a good charm for me, but I can give it up for Mel, then tell her story after the honeymoon so she can give it back,

Nice idea, echoed Toby and Precel, do you have it here?

Yeah, here you go, taking off the ring from her third finger, and handing it over to Toby, she need not worry if it would fit Mel, they are same size in everything…

Toby got into the car, and tried to start it up, but it had also frozen from the shock of what had happened, “goddamnit” he muttered

We have to walk out of the street so we can find a taxi, Mel should be biting her hair by now, Anna said as she patted Toby’s hair

As they walked down the street waving off old Precel, they didn’t realize how far away the street was from the main road until they asked a jogger and Anna almost slumped when she heard about 5KM

We’d never make it on time, she cried

Anna, have faith, he replied as he cupped her hands in his, the current that rushed though his veins made him accept that he really wanted her, but he needed the perfect moment to let go

Do you mind if we stop by that shop? My legs are burning from the friction, Anna asked

Of course my love, he said as he led her into the shop

It was a jewelry shop, somewhat antique and a tall blonde lady walked up to her, and she knew it was same lady she saw with Harrison earlier on in the coffee shop, without thinking twice, she gave the lady a blow to the nose, and the lady who was now bleeding, grabbed her by her hair, then world war 3 started

Toby not knowing what to do exactly, tried to separate the fight and instead he got a blow to his nose and started bleeding…

Cops shouted a guy from door,

Shit Anna, we have to get outta here, as he dragged her from the floor and they raced to the elevator.

Let me go, let me go screamed Anna who was ready to tear down the soul of the blondy who is stealing her friend’s man

You shouldn’t have don’t that you know, we’re not so sure the sort relationship she had with Harrison , that could be violation of human rights, Toby said with so much concern in his voice

Anna stood there with nothing to say, finding the perfect words now was difficult, then she looked at him and noticed her hair strand on his hair, and leaned over to flush it off, when their eyes met, his eyes locking into hers made her tremble. He ran his hands over her cheekbone then her neckline, back to her lips again, Anna moaned and closed her eyes not minding she was in the elevator, then she felt his lips pressing against hers, she responded swiftly, kissing him with the passion she had suppressed, then she felt his hand traveling down somewhere, she let out a cry, then the elevator’s bell rang, but it sounded more like wedding bells to her, then a voice called out


She stole herself away from the kiss and froze still in Toby’s arms,


What will happen next, how would Alex react seeing the love of his life kissing another?, or will Toby win her love from Alex? Who is the tall blondy? To know this find out from the next chapter by Austin



He is just a little boy
Not even up to 6
With no mama and papa
He is living under the bridge
Surviving from your trash bin
Yet you are so selfish
You give all the leftover to doggy
You see him looking tattered
It’s no business of yours
Your children, they wear fine clothes
You’re happy, and tell them shuu from him
You call him baby devil, he looks like one now

Now he robs your house and he’s mean to you
He rapes your girls and shoots your woman
You’re bitter with rage, he is bitter with pain
He smiles at you with his brown caked teeth
He knows you sentenced his papa to death
And made his mama die on a rope
He ain’t gonna forgive you for that

‘You, the devil here’ he says to you
My papa, good man, you did evil
You blame him, they kill him, you alive
Mama, she gone mad, kill herself
Me I hate you, I shoot you, I hang you
Clean job, like I did no such thing
I go with your money, free man
You go for judgement, bastard!

No no! Too easy Mr, you die in pain

You begin to beg, he hits you hard
Now he shoots your girls, takes you with him
He buries you alive on the farm
And invites the birds to feast on his dinner
They pluck your eyes , you scream
They haunt your skin, you scream
He’s watching, laughing, enjoying it
No more life, he says, he takes you
Cook you spicy and steamy
Now he asks bingo to eat you
Good boy, good boy he says to doggy

A Letter To Santa From Little Mary

little mary

Hi Santa,

How are you this Christmas, puffed up and ho-ho-ho as usual I suppose. I have never seen you even though mummy says you’re real, you don’t reply my letters, don’t take my calls, and you do not even grant me my wishes. What kind of Santa are you?  You let mummy die of cancer, now I got no mummy. Daddy doesn’t believe in you, he says you’re just in my head as a myth, nothing more, nothing less, I don’t believe him and I don’t believe mummy instead. Daddy said I am sick, I think it is cancer too, I take too many drugs, too many therapy, I go to the hospital too often, even now, I am writing from the consultant’s table, and yet you do not show up. I know I will not live long enough, but please come, so I can laugh again, I cannot remember laughing since mummy went away.

This is Daddy, Mummy, and Me
me, daddy and mummy

Today, I will be 5, Doctor Anne said I will not reach 8, do you believe her? well I don’t, she doesn’t know what they call miracle, but I do. Miracle did not work on mummy, but it will work on me, because I have faith, faith like Moses had, Like Daniel had in the Lion’s den, Like Jesus had. I got a gift for you too, come and pick it up, and when you come, here is my wish for you to grant;

–  I want you to give daddy a new family, he will be alone very soon, give him a new mummy and a new me, no cancer of course, just love.

– I want Terry to have a new friend, you know he is weird, and nobody likes him but me, I think he is funny even if he smells like old garlic, but I like him, and he likes me.

– I want to go to heaven when I die, to see Baby Jesus, and King David, and Queen Esther, mummy reads their story to me every night, but she is not here with me anymore, but I know she is in heaven with them, so and mummy.

That will be all for now till next year, but when your coming, make sure daddy doesn’t see you, okay?

Have a merry Christmas Santa. I love you.

Your friend


This is a fiction letter in dedication to the little angel in that picture, her name is not Mary, I had to give her a name, somehow I wish I met her, so beautiful and full of life, her smiles are charming, I fell in love with her just staring at the picture, her beautiful eyes, too sad the fight ended early, also I dedicate this to all those who did not survive the cold hands of cancer. Love, Ruth.






The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of Pho Trablogger .The picture that you see above ,is his creative photography which inspired this piece of fiction writing . You can check out his blog for more wonderful pictures and travel related post, I am sure you will enjoy them …


I have written the PART 5 of this flash fiction , here are the links to the other four parts for you to read, so you can catch up with the story line, before your read my part of the story 😉

When in love – Part 1

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Tracy! Honey! Where are you, he said, as he walked up the stairs into the bedroom, then to the bathroom, and down the stairs again to the kitchen

Tracy, you won’t believe….. Baby, O God!

Its okay, Tracy said, I’ve been holding up, in and out breathing remember, like the doctor said

Why did you not call me? He said

Are you silly, don’t ask me stupid questions, get the bike, she yelled at him

Let me get the bike, he stammered… He ran out, then came back, I almost forgot you, forgive me

Tracy’s water broke while she was trying to prepare launch to celebrate the miracle that just happened, she was the only one at home and realised she had to put herself together and wait for James to return home, she was running mad with the pain when he found her leaning over the kitchen table, holding her big tummy in an awkward position…

We are here baby, we’re here, he said as he helped her towards the nurses coming up at them with a stretcher.

He held her hand as they wheeled her towards the delivery room, she was screaming now, he didn’t know how to calm her

Baby, its gonna be fine, we’re gonna have a baby boy, a beautiful baby, he said

O shut up, Tracy yelled, its gonna be a girl, girls are tough, that’s why it hu…..rrr….ttt….ssss. She could barely hold herself, so she dragged down the wig of a patient sitting on a bench as they wheeled her by

Bitch, you see why I hate pregnant women, they are annoying, not respectful, foolish and mad, the old woman yelled

You were once like that, a nurse said as she helped her up

O yeah, and guess what, I shot my husband in his head, the lady said as she began to laugh, now go get my wig before I shoot you too

The nurse who was now scared, ran away so quickly,

Hey…, the woman called out, you better come back with my wig, you piece of shit!

Back at the waiting room, James kept pacing up and down, not sure if he was praying or murmuring, but he sure was uttering some words

Hey pal, calm down, its gonna be all over in minutes, then you will regret doing that, a man said to him, sitting on a chair next to his

What do you mean minutes, ”Tracy screams from the theatre”, oh God, that is not fine, did you hear that, that is not fine, what do you know about child-bearing huh? He yelled at the man

I’ve had three set of triplets, and in there is my fourth set I believe, so calm down, it will take a while, but eventually you wish she was never pregnant, by the way I’m Fred, you can call me Freddy, he said, as he stood up to meet the doctor approaching him

James froze, hell no, I can’t have triplets, I bind every spirit of triplet in that womb, I rebuke you, I cast you out, back to the sender, I chain....

Your prayers have been answered, the doctor interrupted him, congratulations Mr James, you’re a proud father

James leaped for Joy, as he carried the doctor up and finally down, where is my baby mama?

Follow me the doctor said, as she tried straightening her ward coat from the rumple of James’ hands

There you go, they look like you



How many are they?

The doctor giggled, see for yourself

James stepped into the room and saw Tracy and then he screamed what?

Tracy screamed back I know right?

James fainted…




Your sister hates me
she curses my curvy and short figure
she says I took her good features during creation
or that I came from the ocean floor of hell
now she gossips me with her broom-stick sisters
and stares at me with eyes of arrows

when I walk, I wiggle; my heavenly endowment
when she walks, she bends: too much hormones
when her suitors see me, they stare at me head to toe
but they only look at her lagoon face
even your mother wishes she had buttocks
so suitors can bring money
that she will use to train you in school

I see that I have become an idol for her fantasies
but it’s not my fault she resembles the riot of hell
but why is she jealous
she wears foundation and designs her face; I do not
she wears long beaded ear rings; my ears are not pierced
she wears short skirts; I wear long gowns
my natural beauty overshadows her playground face

when we walk down the road together
heads turn to me and she becomes my shadow
she hates me even more now
but I look at her and wish I was tall
or that I had her hormones
that feature; she stole from me during creation
and I hate her for that

By Ruth Brodrick. All rights reserved ©, this prose poem should not be used or shared without the author’s permission…


withered_rose_by_nuubisHe stood there, looking vexed, his face wore a tight frown that got her wondering what he was thinking,

He said in his husky voice, ”come here” but she was afraid, in her head was the war of these words, how did this happen? I only wanted to have fun, now this? How did he find out? Was he there?
She braced up, and started moving towards him, her feet seemed glued to the floor, so she had to put extra efforts to enable her get to him, she is still afraid.

I shouldn’t have let Stephanie introduce me to him, I shouldn’t have allowed myself drink too much, did we really… my God, shit! I’m such a jerk, totally screwed myself up, if he finds out, he will be sad, his temper, oh God, what will happen to me?

Are u alright? His voice woke her from her thoughts, why did you not tell me you were going to be home late sweetheart? I have been waiting all night for you, even made your special; shredded beef sauce with king shrimps, just the way you like it huh? Come sit, you look pale, what happened to your hair? The curls are out? Were you drinking? Sit down my love, you should taste the smoothie, tried out the new recipe…

I love you, she said, not sure if it was guilt or pain speaking, but she knew that was all she wanted to say to him, realizing that he had no idea about what just happened, she said to herself ”it will be the first and the last”. She leaned over and kissed his forehead,

I love you too Barbie, he said as he stabbed her right into her chest with the kitchen knife in his hands
I’m sorry Barbie, but I can’t forgive you for being with another, he said as he began eating the food he made for her…

<a href="Ready, Set, Done!” title=”the madness of wrath”>


Dear Bolanle,

How are you? I can see you have been doing fine from the pictures uncle Bayo showed me, but I think you still look better with buba and wrapper than those pants you wear and think you are covered. You know the wicked mosquitoes in this village has drawn a map on your skin, and it does not look nice, even though that girl I saw in the picture you took at the beach, would think your skin is perfect because hers is a bee nest. You need to hide that bad skin of yours so that you can bring home a fine man o, and a rich man too.

Eh, uncle Bayo says he has been sending my letters, but you have not replied even one, but I will still write, I enjoy talking to myself in the letters, but please try to reply me, so that my heart will sleep peacefully, I am very worried about you. I hope you are still a good girl, you know we are proud of your moral conduct, so don’t let us down.

Things around here have been dark since mama passed away, I now go to balogun market every Saturday to restock the shop, so Lanre and Titi will not die of hunger. I miss you, I do it all by myself, I wash, cook, run the store, its has not been easy. Well, I have hope that when you return, you will wipe my tears and make me proud with your humour, oh how I miss your bone cracking jokes.

Lanre is fine, he played the masquerade for the new yam festival and fell into the gutter after Father Clinton’s house because he had too much palm wine. He broke his leg, but he is fine, he is a man, he will survive the pain. Titi now plaits hair, she has learnt it so well that she gives me different styles that makes me fine. And me, I am also fine, only that I wonder why nobody wants to marry me, am I so ugly? No man in this village has brought wine, I am not getting younger, I am sad, maybe I should be patient. Well, I have removed it from my mind, and put taking care of you, Titi, and Lanre in it.

You should try to visit soon, your friend Tolu passed away last nite, she did not survive to enjoy the joys of motherhood, in here, I have attached a picture of her baby girl, she named her after you, hoping she will achieve what you have achieved.

This is where I will stop for now, until I write again. I know Uncle Bayo thinks I am mad, but I am not, your death is something I will not accept.  How is it possible that you are dead eh? No o, to me, you are still alive and will return home, my fine sister. So take care of your self. I love you and miss you… Hope to see you soon, I will be waiting.

Your sister,

By Ruth Brodrick. All rights reserved ©, this short story should not be used or shared without the permission of the author.


The gunshots made us forget we were soldiers
It made us forget our oath, to defend at all times
And to serve selflessly, for we serve now selfishly
Begging for our blood to stay with us till dawn
And the thoughts of our families evades our purpose
Giving us more and more reasons why we must survive
We ran so fast, that our feet could hardly catch up
We searched for a hide out, yet safety dodged from us
But under the bushes we layed, with hay as our cover
We held on to faith, praying for our selfish motives

We prayed for survival, to see our families again
To hold our children and tell them bedtime stories
To see our wives and love them like we never left

For a moment, we could feel the kindness of silence
And taking our stand in tears, we knew it was all over
We hugged in tears, with decors of smiles on our faces
Alas! Our joy escaped without our questions answered

Bark! Bark! Bark!
The search dog came running after us
For a while we stood flummoxed at his survival
He was stolen by the enemies before the war
So where did he come from?  How did he find us?

‘Oh, shut up you silly dog’, you’d get us all killed

Then we saw the blinking red light, then we could hear the tick

‘It looks like a trap, a bomb’; someone screamed

We scampered for our lives, but we were late, too late
He was close already, close enough that we had to accept death

Boom!!! he went off before we found safety

On the floor we lay, wrestling with our spirits for a second chance
We held our hands together, as we sang the team song for the last time
Hoping that our last cry, will uphold the victory we were fighting for…

By Ruth Brodrick. All rights reserved ©. This prose poem should not be shared or used without the author’s permission.