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The art man can’t explain
Insuperably axienic with pure essence
The smell of a goodnight pleasure
An amiable treasure unexposed
Crowned with shades of wisdom
Man’s greatest pleasure
Transparent with a fierce spirit
With nests of tender emotions

Marvel and stare to get lost
Her hips compel your submission
Oh! The lips, total enchantment
Still her brain burns in her tasks
Here and there, she rolls in circles
Beat her drum, she’s fruitful
Forbidding extinction of our race
Now, take a bow for her
She is your QUEEN.




her waist; the fall of kings and the swells of men
a two wrapper buttocks that tells the tale of an African deity
eyes so dauntless, provoking curses from monkey women
cornrows neatly matted to mock the leaves of Iroko
the glow of her skin draws the hate of her husband’s wife
the curve of her lips tells the story for only strong men
her voice; the sweet melody of your father’s soul

now she is cracked and beaten by the vain lust for herself
that she tells my sister that her husband lusts for her
and that I am jealous of her figure eight…