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To make a simple parquet
wishing for love and serenity
absolute power of speech
and an ivory of casted fury

savoring the tongues to slay
heaven knows the history
the thousandth truth is born
as the victimized hero fell

trampling on the odds of none
falling to the ghosted ambush
the only survivor remained his soul
with the score of good or evil

the thief is surrounded by his like
and the spirits that do not wish him well
chose the end while the present thrives
the last score never gives a warning…

©ruthspoetry 2017


Man: Why do you smile like that?
You should have a small smile
You know you do not have a nice dentition.

Lady: Okay sir…

Man: Why do you walk that way?
Learn to catwalk
I mean, even those with bad legs can right?

Lady: Okay love…

Man: Why didn’t you apply make up?
Your spots are too much
I like my women always on point

Lady: Okay baby…

Man: Why is your nose so big?
Don’t worry, when next we travel
We will definitely stop at Dr 90210

Lady: That will be nice…

Lady: He doesn’t love me, he thinks I’m ugly. Maybe I’m not his type, maybe I should leave this relationship….

Man: I love my lady, and I’m sure she understands how I feel, not like I’m trying to make her feel less of herself, I just want the best for her….

©ruthspoetry 2017


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If you think life isn’t fair to you, and you believe no one understands how you’re trying to cope with living, then I think your simply selfish. Yes selfish.
Why would you ever imagine that you’re the only one with an undersized wardrobe, or one pair of shoes, or 0-0-0 meal schedule, it’s simply you exhibiting the skill of selfishness to think ‘it’s just me that life treats this way’.

Letting go the lens of selfishness, you’d see that, there are problems others have that you never believe existed, but they cope with it. ‘It’s not how big your problems are, but how well you manage them to shut them out eventually.’

The problems of a selfish man never goes away because he always capitalizes on them, as such, they become his best friend without his approval. They are always there with him, to spoil his mood, push away close friends, hurt loved ones and of course frustrate even the air he breathes to survive. Problems are always there, they never go away. Sometimes they even wear shields against our defense, they just always find a way to distort us, it might be as little as the way the interview went pretty awkward, or how your belly is so big, or how your nose is bent, or how you’re not getting enough attention from men, or as big as there is no money to pay the bills, pay for gas and no job. You know what?, when next you feel your head is too big with problems, just think of people living in underdeveloped world, they have no water, food or clothing, but they are thankful for life and of course they manage their condition better than you… I think that’s bigger on the chain of problems.

A thankful spirit yields overwhelming testimonies, and being thankful means;
And forging ahead.
As long as it can’t kill you, don’t kill yourself about it. It’s only temporary.
Problems are regular visitors, either you learn their strategies and get less bothered, or you just bag up your chest with them and rant in your selfishness…

My advice—> when you see problems, think of solutions and not complains…

By Ruth Brodrick
All rights reserved©


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…and I’d stay here
waiting and wanting
wishing the sky was you
and the stars were your eyes
I could smell you in the wind
and see your cocky smile in trees

oh! don’t be flattered, I’m only joking

psychotic; that’s what you made me
a love bird with no wings to fly
now I brood over pain in basilicas
anticipating the smiles that elope me
too far from the farthest sorcerer
the game of love, is what I dread the most
for if love ever had a sting so evil to bear
I was the unfortunate victim

of bars and rods, and bolts and hinges
I curse the day I set my eyes on that thing
the thing they call love, I call it nonsense
this is how I now sit to mourn and tell
how I became the widowed virgin of love

By Ruth Brodrick. Copyright 2015





The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of Pho Trablogger .The picture that you see above ,is his creative photography which inspired this piece of fiction writing . You can check out his blog for more wonderful pictures and travel related post, I am sure you will enjoy them …


I have written the PART 5 of this flash fiction , here are the links to the other four parts for you to read, so you can catch up with the story line, before your read my part of the story 😉

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Tracy! Honey! Where are you, he said, as he walked up the stairs into the bedroom, then to the bathroom, and down the stairs again to the kitchen

Tracy, you won’t believe….. Baby, O God!

Its okay, Tracy said, I’ve been holding up, in and out breathing remember, like the doctor said

Why did you not call me? He said

Are you silly, don’t ask me stupid questions, get the bike, she yelled at him

Let me get the bike, he stammered… He ran out, then came back, I almost forgot you, forgive me

Tracy’s water broke while she was trying to prepare launch to celebrate the miracle that just happened, she was the only one at home and realised she had to put herself together and wait for James to return home, she was running mad with the pain when he found her leaning over the kitchen table, holding her big tummy in an awkward position…

We are here baby, we’re here, he said as he helped her towards the nurses coming up at them with a stretcher.

He held her hand as they wheeled her towards the delivery room, she was screaming now, he didn’t know how to calm her

Baby, its gonna be fine, we’re gonna have a baby boy, a beautiful baby, he said

O shut up, Tracy yelled, its gonna be a girl, girls are tough, that’s why it hu…..rrr….ttt….ssss. She could barely hold herself, so she dragged down the wig of a patient sitting on a bench as they wheeled her by

Bitch, you see why I hate pregnant women, they are annoying, not respectful, foolish and mad, the old woman yelled

You were once like that, a nurse said as she helped her up

O yeah, and guess what, I shot my husband in his head, the lady said as she began to laugh, now go get my wig before I shoot you too

The nurse who was now scared, ran away so quickly,

Hey…, the woman called out, you better come back with my wig, you piece of shit!

Back at the waiting room, James kept pacing up and down, not sure if he was praying or murmuring, but he sure was uttering some words

Hey pal, calm down, its gonna be all over in minutes, then you will regret doing that, a man said to him, sitting on a chair next to his

What do you mean minutes, ”Tracy screams from the theatre”, oh God, that is not fine, did you hear that, that is not fine, what do you know about child-bearing huh? He yelled at the man

I’ve had three set of triplets, and in there is my fourth set I believe, so calm down, it will take a while, but eventually you wish she was never pregnant, by the way I’m Fred, you can call me Freddy, he said, as he stood up to meet the doctor approaching him

James froze, hell no, I can’t have triplets, I bind every spirit of triplet in that womb, I rebuke you, I cast you out, back to the sender, I chain....

Your prayers have been answered, the doctor interrupted him, congratulations Mr James, you’re a proud father

James leaped for Joy, as he carried the doctor up and finally down, where is my baby mama?

Follow me the doctor said, as she tried straightening her ward coat from the rumple of James’ hands

There you go, they look like you



How many are they?

The doctor giggled, see for yourself

James stepped into the room and saw Tracy and then he screamed what?

Tracy screamed back I know right?

James fainted…


A Reminder For Us


Question the doubts in your head
Mock the fears that try to control you
Curse the guilt in your lips while you speak
Rape the day off its temptations
Reject the lusts that will ruin your eyes
Deny the yearn to hurt the ones you love
The power to conquer wrong is in you
Learn to harness the goodness of your heart
Love others just as you love yourselves
Do to others as you want them to do to you
The principles of your life is marked by your diligence
Preserving the faith that humanity has lost
You are your salvation, don’t throw your freedom away

By Ruth Brodrick. All rights reserved ©. This poem should not be used or shared without the permission of the author…


<a href="One at a Time” title=”OUR VOICES – SAY NO TO RACISM; BLACK LIVES MATTER”>238A680100000578-2851264-image-48_1417058591995   The long strides of hope is suddenly becoming vague and blur, Freedom isn’t just about the restoration of human rights, it holds fast on the restoration of patriotism and democracy. The ills of our world is slowly eloping the main course of eternity, and the voices of our  freedom fighters (Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King jr) seems to be crying again; ”a free world with no racism”

Unity goes far beyond the lips, it’s a character that should be worn at all times, especially in difficult situations. Love on the other hand is not just a bond, but the mind we should have towards one another. Whether we are black or white, we should be entwined in peace and love, we should not allow evil grow again, this evil was conquered years ago, we should stand and keep this evil far away.

The joy of freedom is the smile of our unborn children, so tell me, are we not free? Let’s pause for a second and think, what if chaos booms and death becomes the credibility of our existence, how then can we say we have achieved progress? Corruption is like a virus that preys on its host, sucking out life and eventually, death sets it, that is what we should avoid, the death of the ones we love, the death of a world we struggled to build, the death of a future that is supposed to glow, the death of the love that set us free and bonded us in unity.

speaker     I do not believe that we are strolling back to the days when blacks were seen as threats, or the days where blacks live in cold torments of fear; this is a world we conquered, we should not resurrect it. The damnation of peace is far more deadly than the damnation of war, so do we have to make a simple prayer again? No! prayer isn’t the cure, neither is the colour of our skin, the cure is YOU AND ME, we need to SPEAK up with one voice which will be echoed by clarity and liberation, and we need to listen to the voices we hear on the Streets, TV, Radio, Newspapers, and our Minds; yes, what we need is ‘our voices’ to say #black lives matter, #penalize corrupt/racist cops…

2389037000000578-2851264-image-47_1417058576187    The  dance of change is the dance of voices that lived to wear the shoes of peace. This world can only become a better place if we make it one, let’s us not let the calmness of the season fly away like birds that are chased by the hunters, rather let us make it a home for everyone to live in. Lives have been lost #Michael Brown, #Eric Garner, #Rumain Brisbon, #Tamir Rice, and many others we do not know about, so let us say in one voice;






Love should be the theme of our streets, the faces of our children, and the badge of every individual who believes in upholding justice irrespective of their race, tribe or country.

Let’s promote Human Rights and SAY NO TO RACISM.

By Ruth Brodrick. All rights reserved ©. This article should not be used or shared without the author’s permission