the enchanting light


The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of Pho Trablogger . The picture that you see above, is his creative photography which inspired this piece of fiction writing . Please click HERE and provide your valuable feedback on this picture. Also you can check out his blog for more wonderful pictures and travel related posts ….I am sure you will enjoy them … (This flash is meant to be continued by another blogger, so i have written it in a way that would ease its continuation… 🙂 )

Character List:
Rebecca: Protagonist (  the main character)
Samantha: Rebecca’s mother
David Lyngdoh: Samantha’s husband and Rebecca’s father
Joe: Smantha’s childhood friend
Eda: Joe’s daughter and Rebecca’s friend
Kavin: An elderly widower works as supervisor in the monastery
Liam: Rebecca’s husband

Here is Part 1 by spirit and soul

To start-up with my story, and for better understanding of the story line, read part 1 first…


The light was so bright, brighter than anything she has ever seen, yet its illuminating effect was so mild on her skin, that her skin glowed. There was something about the light, something enchanting, there were little gold flakes of lights that were moving towards her, they were changelings, they changed into different shapes, first they played with her hair, made it glow and then they formed the shape of love, then they made it beat.

Ohhh my, Rebecca chuckled, it was fascinating, she was elated, then they changed into a rose flower, a beautiful glistening flower, she was a lover of flowers, but nothing so enchanting like what she was staring at, then they formed a gift box, a gold box wrapped with purple ribbon, purple was her favorite colour, the box settled on her head. She took it, opened it, wow, she exclaimed, it was a gold bracelet made of light, so beautiful, she couldn’t resist wearing it, as soon as she wore it, she was in a warp that took her through a tunnel, then she was there, in a world she never would’ve imagined..

It was a garden, a garden so perfect like the garden of Eden she thought. As she walked through, she saw a little girl singing twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wish I could be you,

Rebecca, you’re singing it wrongly her mother said,

I know ma, I just want to be like the stars, I want to glow, the little girl said,

You will one day my angel, her mother said

Rebecca laughed, she remembered vividly how she loved singing the song, and how her mother always corrected her, she missed her childhood, problem free she sighed. She looked far ahead, she saw two young lads, they looked so in love, the young girl was cupped in the young boys arms, while he ran his hands through her hair, then through her skin, she felt the touch, then he kissed the girl, she felt it too, he defined the softness of her lips with tenderness, then he ran a hand down to her waist, then back up and cupped her breast, stop it Liam, the girl moaned

Oh Liam, Rebecca moaned, she remembered that day, the day he took her virginity, painful but beautiful, he was soft on her, he had a kind heart, then she remembered how he cheated on her with that red-haired stripper, and got her pregnant, she cursed, bastard, but she knew she made him do it, it was wasn’t his fault, a man gotta be a man she muttered, but it did not stop her from loving him, neither him from loving her until he left.

Hi Rebecca, a little voice called out

Hey gorgeous, she replied and the little girl smiled. Her smile was so innocent that it reminded her of herself when she was young, how did you know my name?

Everyone knows everyone here, its our little secret, the little girl said still smiling

Where are my? Rebecca asked,

You’re in paradise she replied, a place where you are suppose to be, Come, let me take you to HIM, he will show you

Who is HIM? Rebecca asked

Come with me the little girl beckoned, she found herself doing so, but she knew it wasn’t her will, the bracelet had this powerful effect on her that she couldn’t resist, but she loved it. She has always been a strong-willed woman, that does not succumb to anything, but for the first time, she was enjoying the pleasure of being controlled.

As she stepped into the temple, her clothes suddenly changed into a white goddess robe that traveled all the way down her legs, revealing her thin waste and the grace of her hips, her hair instantly curled up to expose her uptight cheek bone and her long necks, she stared at a mirror across the hall, she had never seen herself look so pretty in years, her beauty was stolen from her when Liam hurt her by leaving, she would never forget the pain he caused her, but today, in this moment, she was the prettiest woman in the world.

You look beautiful Rebecca you did not change much, a voice said behind her, she could recognise the voice, it was a voice that made love to her, a voice that made her laugh, she turned around, and there he was, she was stunned, it was like she was 17 again, she could never hate him no matter how much she tried, he was her first love, staring at him brought back all the memories, she felt cold chills travel through her legs, she hadn’t been with anyone since he passed away, she taught she lost her sexuality, but there she was with a bag full of longings

He moved towards her, ran his fingers through her face like he knew what she was thinking, I am sorry Rebecca, I am sorry I left you, there are things you will never understand, I did it for us, you have to believe me, I love you, I …..

Liam, please stop, you know it is crazy talking to a dead man

I am not dead Rebecca, I am alive, you have to find me, he said

Aha! Now you’re saying you went d’jango? I saw the letters, you wrote them, your suicide note, remember, Oh, Spare me that crap, and if you’re alive, how come you did not careless how I survived all these years, why now she said

He looked her straight into her eyes, he knew it would melt her, then he traced her lips and said, this is to show you that I never left, then he kissed her, and said find me, then he was gone, she stood there, tears rolling down her eyes, she turned around and looked at the mirror and said, find you? Where do I start?

The light will guide you, just follow it, his vanishing voice said

…Rebecca, Rebecca, wake up, wake up Samantha and Eda called out, then she felt cold water on her face,

Ouchh she screamed, stop it

Are you okay, said Eda, I found you lying here,

She opened her eyes, wondering what had happened? Was it a dream or was it real, but as she opened her eyes, Samantha and Eda screamed, Oh My God!

Here is a link to part 3 written by saya, read on

Author: I- read

This is a free blog aimed at watering poetic minds and quenching the thirst of readers. My passion for words commemorates the desires to speak the truth, interplay with emotions and voice the fights in troubled souls. Welcome to i-read..


      1. Its ok. If anyone wants to continue with that, can come back to monastery 🙂
        Anyway it is the challenge, to understand a new concept and be part of the chain. I like it that you still kept the fantasy element in the story 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Christmas Lights

    Red light pokes through Christmas snow as a carpet
    of wet brown dead pine needles softens your walk
    from Usang Apartments to Immundae, where you’ve
    sat, looking at Ggachi in Sycamores for seven years.
    One eighth of the life so far boiled down to a poem,
    a gathering, a suspended, augmented, finally diminished
    goodbye. But this is the season of hello, great merriment,
    brotherhood, sisterhood: of Auld Lang Syne spiced with
    eggnog, turkey, ham, the harvest feast to last through stronger
    longer days, detectable to the naked eye on exactly December
    twenty fifth. My home town got its first four-foot blast in
    November, so those snow-covered lights will diffuse a bit longer
    than usual, emitting just enough color to stop frozen tears
    from forming, and keep long-weary souls enraptured as humans
    long enough for love to bloom again. Fourteen hours of dark
    but interrupted by lights many don’t take down until March. Why?
    Because they know what color means to those who make their
    appearance at Christmas then slink back, unable to match their desires
    to the way the world really works. To them the Christmas Fa La La
    means more than to the carol-leaders. A toast to quiet perseverance.

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  2. good twist Ruth 🙂 I love fantasy… 🙂 and you did it perfectly..
    if you don’t mind me telling… I think in the sentence “I am sorry Samantha, I am sorry I left you” should have Rebecca instead right? ..coz it is Liam talking…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reading part two of Enchanting Light really is very enchanting. The voice changes and the style changes but not very much so. It is like discovering a new flavour in the dish you are eating.
    You flesh out Rebecca’s character even more so and other characters start coming to life.

    Liked by 2 people

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